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Can you imagine putting your finger in a giant eel's mouth?

This is a pet eel in a fish tank. A man cuddles a giant green moray eel and then goes on to put his fingers in its mouth. The eel keeps his mouth open and let him play with it. Again, this is a pet eel. The ones in the wild are [...]

Cause of Korea ferry capsize looks similar to what happened in Maldives in 2007

17 Apr 2014: Korea ferry carrying 459 passengers got capsized off South Korea and almost 300 people still remain unaccounted. Ferry was carrying mainly high school students. Search and rescue efforts started almost immediately [...]

Trapped dolphins rescued in Maldives

17 Apr 2014: A couple of dolphins got trapped in the shallow waters at Maavah, Laamu Atoll Maldives. Locals believe the dolphins have entered that area last night when the tide was high. When it turned to low tide they got [...]

Diver touches dangerous moray eel. See what happens!

Its a clear sunny day and visibility is perfect. This dive video shows just a normal dive till he cuddles a dangerous moray eel. I was kind of shocked that he actually touched it. You should never touch a moray eel, its a one [...]

Swim with turtles in Maldives (video)

Every turtle is not friendly to stay with you as you swim. It depends on how much threat you pose to them. If people chase or touch them they dont quite like it. This video shows a friendly turtle that is not afraid and you [...]

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