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Working holiday opportunities in Maldives

Dreaming of a Maldives holiday but could not afford one? No experience, no problem. Yes, no experience is required for this amazing opportunity. Just pack your bags for 1 year long stay in Maldives. Buy a snorkeling gear, wet [...]

Fish makes miracle in the Maldives

At first you may think what a cute little fish! You dont actually recall having seen this fish ever? But the head section seems similar to a common species found in the Maldives? This is when it starts getting interesting. The [...]

This may be the best dolphin spot in Maldives

A holiday of a life time in an exotic beach destination such as Maldives may not be complete without a dolphin watching trip. Many resorts in the Maldives offer dolphin watching trips and it is one of the most popular [...]

Entire Maldives capital runs out of water

4 Dec 2014: The capital of Maldives runs out of water after a fire accident at the water plant that serves 120,000 residents of the city. The government has now declared a disaster and military is now assisting the distribution [...]

Solar energy powers up entire island in Maldives

Gasfinolhu Island Resort in the Maldives has shut down all its power generators. Thanks to 6000 square metres of solar panels that generate 1.6 megawatt of electricity daily. The solar panels are fixed in the roof that runs [...]



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