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Hulhumale hotels and things to do

Below is a list of hotels and guest houses in Hulhumale' and airport. Hulhumale' is a 10 minute drive from airport. There are many small hotels or guest houses in Hulhumale', most of them operates shuttle between airport and hotel [...]

Animal lover enjoys her Maldives holiday with a fruit bat

A baby fruit bat was discovered abandoned on a low branch of a tree. Its eyes were covered with sand, as if it was fallen off mothers belly. When mother bat flies it usually carries baby bat under its belly. Accidents can [...]

Maldives issue weather alert, 8 inches rise in sea level could flood some islands

26 Sep 2015: Authorities have issued weather alert in the Maldives today. A message sent by the Ministry of Tourism states the possibility of sea level rise up to 8 inches over the next 4 days. The rare supermoon or blood [...]

Trans Maldivian seaplane sinks at Kanifushi

21 Sep 2015: Amid bad weather across Maldives a seaplane from Trans Maldivian has got half sunk into the water. There were no passengers on board at the time of incident. After yesterdays operation the aircraft was moored at [...]

Get some Vitamin Sea in the Maldives

You are visiting Maldives for what? Whatever it may be, Vitamin Sea and Vitamin Beach are essentials you must take. Pristine natural beaches that are second to none and the clear lagoons that stretch out endless are undoubted [...]



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