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Perfect Spots In The Maldives For Marriage Proposal

You want to make the life's most important events special. You have your savings for that. You can book a holiday in Maldives. Once in a lifetime event can not be a trial. If you want to propose your dream girl you want to make [...]

Vanished teen returns after 60 years with mother tongue forgotten

Maldivian teenager Mohamed Saeed, 14, mysteriously vanished in 1954. The family had no clue about what happened to him and they never heard from him since his disappearance, till September this year. He has now reunited with [...]

Lovepage: Lorenc & Luljeta's holiday in the Maldives

To go to Maldives is a dream. Our dream came true this year for Valentines day. Vivanta By Taj is one of the best choices. Everything there was like a paradise. So many wonderful memories of this holiday that we will never [...]

President of China to visit Maldives with 200 delegates

President of China Xi Jinping is set to arrive Maldives Sunday 14th September 2014. The Chinese President is arriving with about 200 delegates, Maldivesfinest has learnt. At this time it is unclear who these delegates are, but [...]

Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Maldives

It has been a while since Ice Bucket Challenge became internet viral fever. I never was an addict to this kind of publicity stunts, but the people taking part in Ice Bucket Challenge forced watch a few videos. Most remarkable [...]

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